Funding from Green Industries SA

Green Industries SA provides funding for unlocking the potential of the circular economy, developing infrastructure to process and create new products from wastes, seed funding for new technologies, the commercialisation of research in South Australia and support for innovative start-up companies. Funding from Green Industries SA is targeted to help businesses, industry and government to understand, develop and implement cost saving waste management, resource efficiency and lean production measures will improve their productivity and environmental performance through reducing waste materials, trade waste, energy and water use.


Business Sustainability Funding – REAP Grants now open

The Business Sustainability Program supports South Australian businesses and organisations to improve resource efficiency, waste management, and lean production. Resource Efficiency and Productivity (REAP) Grants are currently open, and offer up to $20,000 to South Australian businesses to improve materials, energy and water efficiency, and lean production.  Leap Grants and Solid Waste Management Improvement Incentives (SWMII) are currently closed. These are likely to open for expressions of interest early in 2018. If you're planning projects to start in 2018, refer to the funding guidelines for information on the types of projects that are eligible for funding support.

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Solid Waste Management Improvement Incentives (SWMII)

Accepting expressions of interest. Application is by invitation, which may be offered after registering interest and discussing your project with Green Industries SA.

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Recycle Right® Funding - Grants now closed

Recycle Right funding is available to metropolitan and regional local government and waste educators delivering recycling, resource reuse and correct kerbside bin use education for South Australian householders. Green Industries SA will pay 50% of the project costs, up to a total of $20,000 per project.

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Shared Fabrication Spaces Infrastructure Grants are now closed

This program seeks applications for shared fabrication spaces (other terms include fabrication laboratories, makerspaces), which are open access workshops that address the upper part of the waste hierarchy. They do this by promoting a shift in the materials life cycle towards a circular economy through innovative approaches that deliver economic, environmental and social benefits.

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Infrastructure Grants are now closed

The Recycling Infrastructure Grants Program assists companies, local authorities and organisations both metropolitan and regional, to install infrastructure and provide innovative approaches to increase the recovery of resources and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill each year. The program encourages applications for infrastructure projects that will contribute to achieving these aims and include economic, environmental and social benefits.

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