Industry & Business Groups - LEAP Grants

Supporting business and industry sectors take a leap towards building a circular economy

Funding available: 
Up to $50,000 per applicant

Who is eligible? 
Peak industry bodies or associations, and coordinated business groups that represent the interests of South Australian businesses within a specific industry sector or defined geographical area. Applicant organisations must have a clear management structure, membership portfolio and terms of reference (or equivalent).

What kind of projects are eligible? 
Projects delivered in partnership with a suitably qualified, independent service provider that allows the applicant to Lead-Educate-Assist-Promote sustainable business practice to constituents, helping them to take a “leap” in transitioning to a circular economy. Projects must address one or more of the following:

  • improved waste management, prioritising action in accordance with waste hierarchy principles of waste avoidance, reduction, reuse, and recycling
  • waste avoidance initiatives, including (but not limited to) product redesign, service reconfiguration, industrial symbiosis
  • resource efficiency (energy, water, materials)
  • lean production principles and practices
  • sustainable supply chain management and product stewardship initiatives

What is not eligible for grant funding? Projects that:

  • are part of an established program of delivery that is currently running, or has been run in recent years
  • offer the same, or similar services that already exist and are available to the target audience
  • allow the applicant to make a profit, and projects that benefit a single organisation
  • present generic advice, targets an undefined group of businesses, and/or targets a community (non-business-related) group

Status: Open.

Contact us to discuss your project and request guidelines and an application form. If you’re unsure who to engage to deliver the project, we can supply contact details of suitably qualified, independent service providers.

Contact: Program Manager, Aubrey Thomas, 0423 782 647