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Leadership program in the Circular Economy

Gain an understanding of the circular economy, resource efficiency and related areas with this essential course for executives. You will improve your capacity to introduce positive changes in your organisation and community through an understanding of the circular economy and the related areas of resource efficiency and waste management.

About the program

The program has been developed by Green Industries SA in partnership with international expert Dr Prasad Modak of Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation (www.ekonnect.net) and Environmental Management Centre LLP (www.emcentre.com) The program recognises that South Australia is well positioned to become the pre-eminent location for leadership training in the circular economy and areas including resource efficiency and waste management.

How can this program help you?

The key targets for the program are leaders and decision makers from business, financing institutions, academia, community-based organisations and government. The program will help participants to understand the concept and evolution of the circular economy with exposure to success stories worldwide, including those from South Australia. The program will help participants to identifyi opportunities that will improve competitiveness, spur innovation and address the risks to make their organisation “future ready”.

What can you expect?

The program uses a blend of Face to Face (F2F), e-learning, field excursions and workshops and roundtable discussion addressing the needs of participants.

What will I learn?

The program will be tailored to the specific requirements of participants and specialised focus areas will be included subject to interest.

Choice of format

The Leadership Program in the Circular Economy is offered in a two formats so you can choose the learning method that is most suited to you.

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