Leap Grants – for business and industry associations and groups

Funding available: Up to $50,000 (plus GST) per applicant, per fiscal year

Who is eligible? Industry associations, business networks and groups, local government business advisory and networking groups, regional development groups/associations.

What kind of projects are eligible?

  • Eligible projects are ones that:
    • encourage behavioural and cultural change within an industry sector, geographical region or business cluster
    • cover at least one of the following topics:
      • waste avoidance and/or reduction
      • recycling and/or resource recovery
      • reduced reliance on virgin materials and/or fossil fuels
      • elimination of pollution or harm to the environment
    • demonstrate direct links to at least one of the following elements:
      • improved waste management that follows waste hierarchy principles
      • materials efficiency
      • energy efficiency
      • water efficiency
      • lean production
      • circular economy
    • align with the published guidelines.
  • Ineligible projects are ones that:
    • have already commenced or have been completed at the time of application
    • allow the applicant to make a profit
    • are undertaken to assist the target audience meet regulatory compliance (projects must target 'beyond compliance' activities).

Status: Closed – likely to open for expressions of interest early in 2018.

Leap Grants Funding Guidelines 2017-18 Leap Grants Funding Guidelines 2017-18 (272 KB)


For queries please contact:

Jessica Wundke Acting Manager, Business Sustainability: 0411 653 179