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Normal Text (17px with 24px line space) Resource Productivity Assessments will identify opportunities for improving the way trade waste, energy, materials and water are managed, and will recommend areas for improvement to enhance business productivity and performance, and reduce operating costs. A Preferred Supplier List for delivery of the assessments will be established and managed by the Office of Green Industries SA, and will consist of expert consultants with a proven track record in providing the following:

  • Un-Ordered List Normal Text (17px with 24px line space) baseline data on trade waste discharge, resource consumption and waste
  • identification of cost-effective initiatives for improving the use of materials, energy and water that will lead to productivity and efficiency benefits, and cost savings
  • estimated paybacks and return on investment for a range of implementation options based on business performanceand supplier quotes
  • provision of other data and information, including economic and environmental benefits, that will form the bases of a business case for implementation.

To be eligible for grant funding, resource productivity assessments must be undertaken by a service provider on the Preferred Supplier List.

Eligibility (H3)

Applicants must be a commercial business operating in South Australia that can provide evidence of generating and discharging trade waste at levels above or within 20% of the following volume and load-based thresholds (at least one threshold must have been met continuously since 1 January 2015 on a 12 month rolling average basis):

  • 10 tonnes Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) or Suspended Solids (SS) per year
  • 20 tonnes Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) per year
  • 10 ML volume per year

Grant funding applications will also be considered from businesses where trade waste levels are not documented and if the business is licensed under Section 6 – Food production and Animal and Plant Processing of South Australia's Environment Protection Act 1993.

Othereligibility criteria will be included in the Application Guidelines (currently under development).

Funding available (H#)

A subsidy of up to 50%, to a maximum of $10,000 (GST exclusive), will be available to successful applicants as a contribution to help cover the assessment cost. Successful applicants will be expected to fund a minimum 50% of assessment costs. Funds will be made available via application within specified funding rounds and allocated through a Grant Agreement which will establish payment terms and conditions. The first funding round is expected to open in the second quarter of 2016.

For further information contact:

Ms Aubrey Thomas

Office of Green Industries SA
0423 782 647