Our Priorities

Business and Industry Support

  • Supporting a diversity of South Australian businesses, organisations and industry sectors to accelerate sustainable change and transition to a circular economy
  • Providing information, direction, tools and funding to help all types of organisations make informed investment decisions, reduce operating costs, boost productivity and improve environmental performance
  • Working with industry associations and business groups to deliver practical advice and solutions across industry sectors and regions

Read more about our work with business and industry in South Australia.

Circular Economy

  • Developing new business models for enabling the Circular Economy
  • Circular Economy policy and advocacy
  • Re-manufacturing and symbiosis for the Circular Economy
  • Lifecycle analysis, design for disassembly and design for longevity
Read more about our work on the Circular Economy.

Collaborative Economy

  • Collaborative systems of consumption and production, including the Sharing Economy, the Commons and Distributed Manufacturing
  • Digital platforms for social innovation
  • Bringing leading thinkers to South Australia for workshops and engagement sessions with the public sector, community groups, business and the not for profit sector in South Australia
Read more about our work on the Collaborative Economy.

Disaster Waste Management

  • Management of debris and recovery planning following a disaster,
  • Provide local employment following the disaster
  • Deliver recycled products to rebuild infrastructure in affected communities
Read more about disaster waste management in South Australia.

Infrastructure Investment

  • Investing in infrastructure to maximise resource recovery opportunities and stimulate economic growth
  • South Australia's Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan
Read more about our work developing infrastructure in South Australia.


  • Promoting the export of Intellectual Property, knowledge and equipment
  • Investment in new processes and technologies
Read more about our work on innovation.