Solid Waste Management Improvement Incentives (SWMII)

Funding available: Up to $15,000 (plus GST) per applicant, per fiscal year

Who is eligible?

  • businesses in South Australia
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • tertiary education centres
  • Local and State government agencies
  • private, service-based business specialising in waste management advisory services that can demonstrate there is a need and stakeholder support to deliver a project for the benefit of a specific industry or business sector, industry or business group, or businesses within a specific geographical area.

What kind of projects are eligible?

  • Eligible projects are ones that:
    • aim to increase the amount of waste diverted from landfill in South Australia
    • are focussed on following waste management hierarchy principals
    • assist to establish systems, standards, or strategic plans to improve and sustain waste management practices that promote waste avoidance and the reduction of waste sent to landfill
    • align with the published guidelines.
  • Ineligible projects are ones that:
    • are being undertaken to meet regulatory compliance (projects must target 'beyond compliance' activities)
    • have already commenced or have been completed at the time of application
    • do not have senior management or executive-level support.

Status: Accepting expressions of interest. Application is by invitation, which may be offered after registering interest and discussing your project with Green Industries SA.

For queries please contact:

Jessica Wundke Acting Manager, Business Sustainability: 0411 653 179