Women in Circular Economy Leadership Award 2016 winner, Fiona Jenkins


 As the inaugural winner of the Green Industries SA Women in Circular Economy Leadership Award, Fiona Jenkins embarked on her '3 bin project'. Through this project, Fiona visited, documented and presented information and interviews about kerbside recycling from some of the world's best recyclers. Visiting Adelaide and Sydney in Australia, Portland (Oregon) in the US, and Flanders in Belgium, the project uncovered the secrets to lifting our household recycling rates from 50% to up to 80%, using variations on the 3 bin system we have now. Blog posts on www.fiona-jenkins.squarespace.com share information on life and recycling in each of these four  great cities. Posts include in-depth interviews with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the waste and recycling world.

"I'll be looking back on lessons learnt from my study tour which included San Francisco, Portland and Flanders for the next 20 years," Fiona says.

"The support of my employer, the City of Charles Sturt reinforced the professional growth I would experience through this program."